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Moderate gushing time. Disregard the girliness. 

This is mostly just me being super girly and giddy about something that’s actually pretty insignificant. But it was still cute. Whatevs.

So, this semester, 2 guys moved onto our floor (which fucked with our groove, since last semester it was 11 girls and my RA was the only guy, but whatevs). Anyways. One of the guys is fairly attractive; I’d give him about a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10 (would be an 8 if he was a liiiittle taller). He’s super friendly too, which is fantastic because I hate people who just hole up in their room for long periods of time.

Earlier today my friends and I had a shenanigan that’s only marginally relevant, and it ended up with me having Milano babies instead of Mulatto babies. So my friends got me a box of Milanos and put it in a “diaper” but they wouldn’t let me see it so they made me turn around. So of course, my response is “Uh, no? No.” So, as it went back and forth (“Turn around!” “No freakin way” “Jnet just do it!”) attractive guy was like “Don’t worry, I won’t let them do anything to you.” and in my head, all I could think was “AWE!”

So, there’s my gushing for the night.

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